Why invest in Ag?
Why invest in Ag?

Silver’s increasing usage

Aside from its monetary and investment uses, silver is finding more and more practical, industrial applications. The more electrical, computer and mobile phone use grows (and nothing will stop that), the more silver consumption increases. New discoveries are being made all the time about its ability to combat infection, fungi, bacteria, bad smells even – so demand is increasing from medicine, biotech and clothing.

But perhaps the most exciting source of growing demand is solar power. Demand for silver on photovoltaic cells has gone from one million ounces in 2000 to 50 million ounces last year. That is about 5% of global supply. As solar power usage grows – and it will (think high oil prices, nuclear problems and all the rest of it) – silver demand will increase as shown in the chart below;

Silverhorn Mining

Why Invest into the Silverhorn Mining Company?
  • The Silver Ore Project is the highest grade undeveloped silver project in Australia with a JORC compliant resource of nearly 12Moz of silver.
  • Positive metallurgical results indicate >90% silver recovery to doré bars.
  • Exciting portfolio of silver focused projects in Eastern Australia, with discovery potential and drill ready targets.
  • Potential to diversify into an international junior resource company, reducing risk and maximising opportunity for shareholders.
  • Committed and highly experienced technical and management team, focused on maximising shareholder return.
Live Silver Price

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